You were only waiting – Varanasi to Delhi

Tuesday: Varanasi to Delhi

Tuesday we end up with the day, until 2.00pm, at our disposal. We stay in the hotel and, dear reader, attempt to catch up with this blog. The access in the hotel is non-existent despite appearances to the contrary.

At the appointed time we depart for the airport, reversing our arrival procedure, headed for Delhi and a night in the transit hotel, before our flight on Wednesday to Dehradun, whence to Rishikesh.

The transit hotel is the best of the trip. It is spotless, the mattress unbelievably soft and plump, we both get hot showers morning and night, and everything in the room smells beautiful.

It is worth the nightmare of security checking (again, and again and again and again) to finally get in.










2 responses to “You were only waiting – Varanasi to Delhi

  1. luckykoshhorrie

    Loving this blog! So well written and interesting – has become the highlight of my day. All missing you here, but the footy has started today so that gives some consolation!! Cats love Kevin. Alicen šŸ™‚

  2. sanmui

    What are those pancake looking things the lady is making?

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