Desmond has a barrow – Delhi

Day two in Delhi. We start today’s touring at Humayun’s Tomb. It has the same design as the Taj Mahal (which is our destination after Delhi) and is constructed of sandstone rather than marble. As impressive as it is, I think the real pleasure was that it was nowhere near as crowded as the sites of yesterday, it was cool, there was a pleasant breeze, and we were on our own. More stray dogs. Carmel B, please note family link in the images below.

Our driver then took us to the Jaipur Gem Palace, another opportunity for shopping (and commission?)

We drove through Connaught Place – this is sort of the Delhi CBD, and it was comforting to see a real city with tall buildings, offices, a KFC and a McDonalds. Then on to Khan Market, where IndianInterlude bought a Titan watch (India’s gift to the world of fine timepieces), window shopping and lunch. The positive here was that the shopkeepers are not in pursuit of the customer, as opposed to our other arranged shopping experiences, or the hawkers.

Dilli Haat was next, a food and craft bazaar, where the stall holders are, supposedly, the artisans responsible for the products. This soon became pashmina parade, and lots of original design, with every stall having the very nearly the same offering. If you wanted a cushion cover in blue instead of red, just keep walking, you were sure to find it.

Final stop of the day was Hauz Khas Village, where we were expecting urban hip designer clothing, homewares and the like. Which we certainly got. Think Fitzroy and Brunswick meets Burnside. The real delight was at the end of the shopping precinct – a vast area of fourteenth century ruins. Completely unexpected.

Tonight we braved the streets as pedestrians to eat locally. A feature of two of the cafes we’ve been to include chilli flakes in large shakers on every table.

Note to Jo – we’ve been really fortunate to have great Internet access in this accommodation, which has enabled the blogging. I’m not anticipating such good access through the rest of the trip. So, we may not blog every day. Also, as we are ‘mobile blogging’ uploading photos presents its own challenge. We have taken 230 photos so far, trust me, you don’t want to see them all, although you can when we get home. Putting them up on the blog is a bit fiddly, and I’m not really equipped to upload them all to a web gallery (Flickr or Picasa for example) whilst on the road.

Tomorrow, six hours on the road to Agra.20120206-220935.jpg20120206-221144.jpg20120206-221021.jpg20120206-221336.jpg




5 responses to “Desmond has a barrow – Delhi

  1. 58drop

    I do particularly like the gown and colour in the previous post. Surely you could have bought it and worn it again and again!! Wish I was there with you. xx carmel p

  2. sanmui

    I love the photo of the man looking up – his stark white attire against the patterned floor, patterned wooden side beams and the earthy colours of the building – fantastic.

    I am sharing blog pics with Eric P – hope you are ok with that…..

    • Hi Sandy, Okay on sharing the blog pics, or anything else with the office. Photo credit for that one goes to Kerry. I agree it’s a great shot.

  3. camelb

    You mean I have property in India? I think you should have collected the rent for me! Your blogs are very entertaining and now that I’ve finally worked out what username I set I can see the photos :). Catdr, her sister and I saw John Cleese last night, it was clearly a “pay for my last divorce tour” Very interesting to hear about his early years, and lots of reminiscing through clips..

    Hmm I might use the family tomb as inspiration for a quilt, I can see the flooring as a patchwork border.

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