Made a lightning trip

And for those interested in a visual sense of the indianinterlude journey, here it is, courtesy of Google Maps.


5 responses to “Made a lightning trip

  1. sanmui

    Hello – I’m onboard!

    • Woo-hoo. Thanks sanmui, lovely to have you here – you’re in particularly exclusive company, and if anything on IndianInterlude merits distribution around the office, you’re in charge.

      BTW, I’m expecting full blogging of the Grace Kelly:Style Icon exhibition.

  2. ls50

    That is an awesome journey… have you worked out how many kms/miles it will be?

  3. @ls50,

    Hello, you’ve made it too. According to Google the road distance is 8,300 kilometres; although IndianInterlude will be travelling by plane, train, automobile and houseboat so that would affect the real figure.

    And of course there’s the best part of 6,000 air miles each way to get there and back.

  4. 58drop

    I want to know more!!

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